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Cahoparka2 Girls Khaki Hooded Parka

Here's a beautiful girls' hooded parka to look beautiful out walking, even in the rain! Waterproof, lined in a beautiful flower print and slightly padded. The fastening tab is decorated with pretty colourful embroidery.


Size Guide

Sizing Chart

Please bear in mind all sizes are approximate...more here

AgeSize (approx.)
3 months60 cm
6 months67 cm
9 months71 cm
12 months74 cm
18 months81 cm
23 months86 cm
AgeSize (approx.)
3 years94 cm
4 years102 cm
5 years108 cm
6 years114 cm
8 years126 cm
10 years138 cm
12 years150 cm
14 years156 cm