10 Best Instagram Accounts for New Mothers

9/28/2020 | By: Hilary Behan |

As new mums we need all the support and inspiration that we can get. If you look hard enough on Instagram then you will find a great source of guidance and inspiration for new mums. Here at DPAM we’ve taken the hassle out of scrolling through Instagram looking for these accounts. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 Instagram accounts that you should follow as a new mum as recommended by our staff and customers. These 10 accounts will provide any new mum with the guidance, inspiration and sometimes the giggles she needs to power through those sleepless nights and constant feeds!

1. Rosanna Davison 

Rosanna is a hugely inspirational new mother who has shared her journey of miscarriage, surrogacy and pregnancy with her Instagram followers. Now, with a nine month old daughter Rosanna is pregnant with twin boys after suffering fourteen devastating miscarriages. We love Rosanna’s inspirational journey on Instagram and we know you will too You can follow her here.

2. Lisa Jordan

Lisa Jordan is one of Ireland’s most well-known bloggers and a presenter on Cork’s RedFM. Lisa runs her own beauty brand called Luna and has two beautiful daughters – Bowie & Pearl. Lisa also recently welcomed her third child, a gorgeous boy named AJ Ace. As well as fantastic motherhood related posts, Lisa provides her 220,000 followers with a brilliant range of fashion and beauty posts. You can follow her here.

3. Ilana Wiles

If you’re looking for some motherhood humour then Illana’s Instagram page (@averageparentproblems) is perfect for you! The New York based mother provides her followers with daily parenting humour which we can all relate to. Well worth checking out this page for a giggle. You can follow her here.


4. Aoibhin Garrihy

Aoibhín is a well-known actress and public figure hailing from Co. Clare. Aoibhín’s Instagram feed is filled with positivity, pictures of her stunning children Hanorah & Líobhan, snippets of her fantastic project Beo & Beo Baby as well as some fantastic interior inspo from her new home. Aoibhín has now teamed up with Lidl as an ambassador for their baby range and is the perfect account to follow for all things baby, home and fashion related. You can follow Aoibhin here.

5. Lad Baby Mum

Roxanne, better known as Lad Baby Mum has gone viral on numerous occasions with her husband for their hilarious antics. Roxanne uses her Instagram platform to share the ups and downs of parenting with her followers and is a great account to follow for honest, funny and relatable parenting content. You can follow her here.

6. Stacey Soloman

We absolutely love Stacey here at DPAM. Stacey shares her amazing crafts, home inspo and fantastic snacks on her Instagram daily. Stacey really is a breath of fresh air and we love her body positivity and overall attitude. Stacey has a 1 year old son Rex with Joe Swash as well. You can follow Stacey here.

7. Mrs Hinch

Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie launched into the limelight for her amazing cleaning skills and now has become well known for her parenting hacks. Her son Ronnie is one year old and besties with Stacey Solomon’s son Rex which we think is the cutest thing ever! Check out Sophie’s page for all her usual cleaning tips, home inspo and parenting hacks as she, Mr Hinch, baby Ronnie and dog Henry share their everyday adventures to almost 4 million people! You can follow her here.

8. White Horns

Sarah of @housebythewhitethorns is a mum to 5 living in Ballina, Co.Mayo. Her feed and aesthetic is seriously drool worthy. You’ll find not only baking and home décor inspo, but also super helpful parenting tips! ( It’s no surprise that she’s also a home economics teacher!) What we love about Sarah is though the stunning photography of her feed portrays the perfect life, her captions are almost like diary entries. As much as she shares the joyful things in life and special moments with her gorgeous kids, she’s also open about her struggles with mental health. Sarah is a breath of fresh air and a must-follow for any interior obsessed new mum!

9. Vogue Williams

Vogue is mum to Theodore and recent arrival baby Gigi. Vogue’s account is perfect to follow for all things fitness, parenting and life related. We love Vogue for her sensational fashion sense, honesty and the fun she has with husband Spencer. Vogue even has a new podcast. You can follow Vogue here.

10. Jess Jones

Mum to three beautiful children – Sophie, Bella & JJ. Jess (Known as The Fat Funny One) is an advocate for loving the skin you’re in and plus-size mums. Refreshingly honest, Jess is a great account to follow for daily laughs as well as learning how to navigate the world of work, motherhood and feeling confident.