How to Entertain Your Child Indoors

1/20/2021 | By: Hilary Behan | News

Keeping kids entertained indoors is a challenge at the best of times - but throw in homeschooling and a national lockdown and that challenge just got a bit tougher! We here at DPAM Ireland have put together a list of various creative indoor activities to keep your kids entertained all through the weeks ahead!

1. Indoor Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts are a great way to get kids active, interested and working together. Treasure hunts don’t need to be an outdoor-only activity and can be adapted to suit indoor areas too. For younger kids, the activity can be carried out simply by placing various objects (sweets work very well here) in hiding places around the house, with the kids then working in teams or on their own to find the hidden treasure. For older children, a treasure map and clues can be introduced to make the game a bit more challenging and engaging. A good treasure hunt can keep kids occupied for hours, and as the weather gets better, you can start to venture into more advanced outdoor treasure hunts! Top tip: Always write down where you’ve hidden the treasure - you don’t want to be finding a melted chocolate bar under a cushion two weeks later!

2. Board Games and Quizzes

Board games are a classic family activity that have been around for centuries! With so many different games on the market now, there’s something to suit everyone. From the classic “Big Three,” Cluedo, Risk and Monopoly, to the more modern games like Pictionary and Articulate. This year, now more than ever, it is important to support Irish brands, and this can be a great way to do so! There are many Irish games such as 30 Seconds, Discovering Ireland and Rory’s Story Cubes available to purchase from Irish retailers across the country, which will keep both yourself and the kids entertained! Quizzes are also a great family activity, whether it’s creating your own questions, or simply watching a television quiz together - they’re a fun way to get the family together and to promote a bit of healthy competition. And who knows - you might learn a thing or two!

3. DIY Projects

There are so many fun and creative DIY projects available for kids of all ages these days - there should be something to suit everyone’s talents and hobbies! With snowy weather set to arrive over the next few weeks, DIY snowglobes could be a great creative craft idea! A simple snowglobe can be made from regular glass jars you use in your kitchen, a small amount of glitter and a snowman made from cotton balls and googly eyes. If you want to go a step further, snowglobes can also be made with corn syrup, water and glue to give a more sophisticated look! Other DIY projects such as making jewellery, stained glass art and photo collages are also great arts and craft projects. They can also make great presents, which can come in handy for any birthdays or celebrations you may have coming up!

Tip 4: Baking

Baking with kids may sound a bit stressful, but it doesn’t need to be! By sticking to very simple recipes and giving your children fail-proof tasks, you can’t go wrong! And why stop at baking? This time spent at home can be a great opportunity to teach your children some valuable cooking skills. Even simple skills like how to peel an onion or how to mash potato can be taught to older children. Learning these skills at a young age is a great way to get them interested in cooking and baking in years to come - which may prove to be quite beneficial to you in the future!

5. Technology

And if all else fails… technology is your friend! This doesn’t have to mean planting your kids in front of the television (although Netflix and YouTube Kids are great options for when this is needed), technology can also mean interactive games for the whole family to get involved in! There are some great apps available now that are interactive and can include all family members, such as Heads Up, Kahoot and Words with Friends. Video games such as the Playstation or Nintendo Switch can also provide very social activities, with many four-player quizzes and games available to get the whole family involved!

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